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The Art HustleThe pasteboards produced by this company's roster of 75 artists include works inspired by a variety of source material and pop culture.  The company's first release includes artist profile cards that accompany the art card base set, along with sketch card inserts and illustrator autographs. 

The Art Hustle             promo

Artbox - An innovative firm that had developed a product line of Film Cardz and Action Flipz as well as standard trading cards.  Harry Potter is Artbox's most important continuing license.  

Harry Potter and the    Order of the Phoenix    promo

Breygent Marketing - Breygent has produced impressive trading card sets of The Three Stooges, Hollywood legend John Wayne and the MGM film classic Wizard of Oz in its first year of operations.  Its current run of Classic Movie Posters (comprised of larger-than-standard sized cards) along with impressive applications of sketch cards and relic inserts have proved immensely popular with hobbyists.

Classic Movie Posters:  Sci-Fi Horror promo

Dart Flipcards World -  A familiar company name re-emerged in 2005 at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago.  The product, Flippz, hearkens back to when trading cards functioned as toys, not as part of a monetary investment portfolio.  Dart also markets Gemstone Treasures, an interesting melding of the trading card hobby and the precious stones market.

Flippz card game component

Dynamic Forces - A firm that specializes comic book trading card titles such as Red Sonja and Fathom.

Red Sonja card set 

icardz -  Military history of World War II provides the focus for Lest We Forget, Canada At War and America At War educational releases by this Prince Edward Island firm.

America At War    promo

Monsterwax -  Founded in 1992, this small Florida firm has specialized in art work cards with limited print runs.  Previous sets such as Don't Let it Happen Here feature graphic violent content and are meant for mature audiences.  

The Art of H.G. Wells  promo

Press Pass -  A licensee of NASCAR sports cards, the firm's Elvis and Kiss card series have been notable non-sport achievements.  

Elvis Lives Scotty  Moore autograph     card

Rittenhouse Archives - Since its 1999 entrance into the non-sport business realm, Rittenhouse has strongly impacted the hobby with titles based on James Bond, Xena and Stargate SG-1.   The company became the trading card licensee for the Star Trek franchise in early 2000, taking over from Fleer/Skybox after an eight-year association.

Quotable Star            Trek Movies                 promo


Topps - The trading card maker that needs no introduction.  Topps' non-sport heritage dates back to 1948.  Its early 1960s titles Mars Attacks, Civil War News and Battle are revered titles among hobby veterans.  Star Wars continues to engage Topps' mass market penetration, as well as fulfilling collector expectations in sketch card art.

Wacky Packages        Old School               promo (2009)


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